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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail - John Wooden


Future U has teamed up with summer camps Equinunk/Blue Ridge, Tyler Hill and Timber Lake to create a six-week ACT/SAT training program. The Future U Training Camp is targeted for those campers who have just completed their sophomore year of high school. This unique program is designed to give campers a tremendous advantage by providing them with proven strategies for approaching the ACT and SAT.

Students who participate in the program keep their brains active and are much better prepared for the challenges they will face in the upcoming junior year. In addition, they will be in a much better position to take the official ACT and SAT earlier in the school year. A student who does well on the ACT and SAT early in the year removes the burden and worry of those exams, which allows the student to focus on grades, sports, and extracurricular activities.

The course will be comprised of five or six one-on-one, weekly tutoring sessions, along with a full-length practice exam. Tutoring sessions will be scheduled to easily fit the campers' already busy days.

Information about the sessions is provided below:

  • Sessions will be once per week
  • Students can meet for either five sessions or six sessions.
  • Session length can be 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes.
  • Billing rate per 60 minutes is $250 (longer session times will be prorated)
Session Length (Minutes) Cost per session Total cost 5 sessions Total cost 6 sessions
60 $250 $1250 $1500
90 $375 $1875 $2250
120 $500 $2500 $3000
Clients that wish to continue the tutoring process with Future U after the summer program will be required to pay the enrollment/testing fee of $975 and also pay the normal session rate of $260 per 60 minutes. Click Here to Register for the Future U Training Camp program